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Region on the left bank of the Mura River offers tremendous opportunities for short breaks. Picturesque landscape of the plains near the river Mura crosses the hilly landscape of Goričko offers many aesthetic pleasures. Nature has been generous to those ends. Many springs of thermal water, rich sources of mineral water, a pleasant summer shade of forests in Goričko, memorable field yellow flowering canola, fields of sunflowers in summer yellow/brown pumpkins in autumn and finally a huge number of sunny days, you leave a positive mark on the heart and soul. Sources offer the potential development of wellness services, the range of many rural roads and tracks follow to the development of cycle tourism, slightly exotic and varied cuisine and a good wine are guarantee for unforgettable memories and hedonistic vacation. There is many events that are associated with a rich tradition. Our team with vast experience in tourism, sees in these facts, an opportunity to develop diverse and unique tourism products. We believe that this is our business opportunity tommorow and our lifestyle today!

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